Floating Feathers

Why Choose FeatherCore

Easy to customize

Our Web UI is Clean Unique and Highly Expandeable. Leaving you with only what you want to see, Hide all the rest. Feathercore has tons of plugins

Well documented

We have Agents who can help you make your Website Sing. We Call them community Agents. They have your back to help you come up with awesome.

Clean design

We hate navigating overly bloated sites. We Understand creative freedom however we also understand useability. We try to keep a healthy mix.

Full support

If a feature lacks to exist. our Devolpers will build plugins to suit any Paid Package holder. And We Squash bugs every day.

Learn how FeatherCore Works


Our inboxing system helps you keep your email trash-free. Easily send newsletters and offers to your client base.


Keep your entire company on the same page and in the know. Our project management software is second-to-none. From the simplicity of a to-do list, to the complexity of task assignment and product costing.


You can keep your site simple and to the point or you can expand it to be comprehensive. Our website manager and marketing agents are here to help!

Social Media

Beyond just a simple CMS, our marketLedge system can help you build a social presence quickly and keep it at the forefront of your target audience.

Theme Control

Choose from many starting themes. Choose from pre-built website sections. You can mix and match many like a puzzle.


Our system is uniform. Get the right information about a customer in front of you in seconds.

Cross Platform

Our system works in tandem with many desk or field technologies. We utilize third-party APIs to make sure you're always connected.

Plugin Methods

Every feature is uniform and isolated. We call them plugins. And they can be infinite Every plugin is built and maintained by our team no third-party or third-party fees.

Beautiful Feather Core Designs To Choose From

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Why Choose Core Over Wordpress?

Feather was built to prevent your need to live in a dashboard when you have more important things to do. Feathercore makes it easy to unite, connect and complete your site.

Its your company. Not ours.

Core will give you notifications and updates If the website needs attn. you set the terms and guidelines. We wont overwelm you with a bloated Wordpress hackup or use the system to sell you more services. Your website deserves a great admin panel.

Whats does Feathercore Cost?

$65 per month.

Hosting, Domain Services, Support All Covered! ZERO Hidden Fees. ZERO Contracts!

Our Services are easy takes care of everything hassle free.

  • 4 hours each month included to expand your site.
    4 Hours of webdesign included each month. ($90 Per hour extra)
  • Professional and secure hosting.
    We Personally host your website in a professional secure datacenter.
  • Website Address Included!
    Your Very own www.com address setup and running for you.
    (Free Transfer on Cancelation of service)
  • Unlimited Phone Support
    Call the Designer any time, Most Get the tasks done within a few hours.
  • Unlimited Users
  • 200GB Bandwith Per Month Free
    ($5.00 Extra Per 10GB Over or $50 extra for 500GB+ Per Month)

Computer & IT Services

(Courtsey Business Services)

(Limited to The Loveland/Windsor/Fortcollins Colorado Areas.)

$95 per Hour

Email Support, File hosting/Storage, Windows Support, Mac Support

Our Services are easy takes care of everything hassle free.

  • 1 Hour Remote Services Via Teamviewer or Alike
  • On Site Drive Time By a Local Tech
  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • Dedicated IT professional
  • Free Diagnostics
  • Online Support